Cigar & Rum Experience

Cigar & Rum Experience


Duration: 1 hour

1 person


2 - 9 people


Groups of 10+
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The rich history and allure of cigars and rum!

Your cigar expert will begin with the heritage of cigars dating back to the Taino Indians of Cuba and weave through time to current day practices. You will unearth the different tobacco leaves, the layers for rolling, and the proper etiquette for holding, cutting, smoking and holding a cigar. Elevate the experience by pairing your cigar with a rum tasting and in an intriguing twist you will infuse the rum with the cigar. This experience holds many surprises and is the most popular one. Ideal activity for Bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building, birthdays or any special occasion.

List of items needed: Cigar, long cigar cedar sticks (order from Amazon in advance) if not substitute with toothpicks, torch lighter, sniffing glass, rum or brandy or whiskey.

Guide Location: Your guide will connect virtually from his or her home.

Connection: Depending on size of the group, we will connect either via Zoom (our corporate account), Facetime, What’s App or Skype

Book a Private Group: We can host private groups for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 100 people. To book a private experience, please email us [email protected] or text us at (929) 548-3235.

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