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Little Havana Tours

Discover the history, sights, sounds, rhythm, aroma, and flavors of this vibrant pocket historic neighborhood

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Little Havana, Miami’s Vibrant Cuban Heart


Designated a “national treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it is bursting in colors, music, art and food. Little Havana Tours offers a selection of cultural tours to discover the people, places and pastime traditions of the Cuban culture.

Choose an introductory tour to cover the past, present and future with visits to main highlights: an open-air market for an array of tropical Caribbean fruits; Bay of Pigs monument; a landmark tree for the site of religious rituals; a cigar shop to watch tobacco leaves hand rolled into fine cigars; a nondescript art gallery boasting the largest Cuban art collection in the US; a 1935 historic bar for a mojito cocktail and the rhythms of salsa and bachata; and family style restaurants for savory, traditional, homemade foods.

If that whets your appetite for more, no problemo. Our expert team can fully immerse you into the finer details of a cultural aspect. Our Cigar & Rum Tasting tour is a marriage of two sensual products. Discover the history, the process for developing them, and how to enjoy the pairing. The Little Havana Food Tour is a gastronomic delight in traditional finger food, hot meals, and drinks from tropical juice, coffee and cocktails. Finally our Rooster Tour takes you off the beaten path to discover other Latin American cultures that are now prevalent in Little Havana.

Our city and neighborhoods are evolving constantly, a beautiful kaleidoscope. Come discover this mosaic with us.

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Little Havana Cultural Walking and Food Tour

The Little Havana Cultural Walking and Food Tour is the most popular tour for the all-around content, the timing to avoid heat and crowds, and best value.

Delving into a range of cultural highlights, we begin with the history of the Cuban exiles arriving in Miami, and continue along Memorial Boulevard before reaching Calle Ocho. You will visit a marketplace for various tropical fruits typical of the Caribbean, a cigar factory for cigar rolling, an apparel store for the origins of the guayabera shirt and Panama hat, hidden gem art galleries, the oldest bar in Little Havana from 1935, and the famous Domino Park. Along the way we sample drinks and finger food. For the grand finale perfectly timed right around 12 noon, you will comfortably sit down inside a family restaurant to savor a traditional Cuban meal. We are the only tour company to offer a hot meal as part of the Little Havana cultural experience.  We cater to vegetarians and vegans as well.

Price: Adults $60 | Children (5-11) $40

When: 10 or 11am (Daily) Check calendar as times vary on select dates.

Duration & Distance: 3 Hr, Leisurely 5 Block walk

Location: Bay of Pigs Monument
Across the street from El Nuevo Siglo supermarket
1305 SW 8th Street, Miami, 33135

Cigar & Rum Pairing Tour

Nothing says Cuban heritage like cigars and rum. Guests will meet their guide and then begin a journey to the past by visiting a cigar factory or shop and learn the traditional technique of growing tobacco leaves, the rolling process and how to light a cigar. Yes, you get to keep the cigar and smoke if you choose.

Then for the rum tasting! Learn about this longtime spirit made famous by pirates of the Caribbean and sample different blends to find the one that best complements your cigar. Guests will sample 3- 4 types of rum. Top if off with a refreshing mojito while listening to the rhythms of salsa, bachata or cumbia into the night.

Price: Adults (Ages 21+) $90

When: 3pm Daily

Duration & Distance: 2.5 Hr

Location: Bay of Pigs Monument

Across the street from El Nuevo Siglo supermarket
1305 SW 8th Street, Miami, 33135

Little Havana Food Tour

NEW! The Little Havana Food Tour.  Your expert guide will lead you on an authentic culinary tour covering the history and tradition that includes traditional Cuban bites, Spanish, African, French and American inspired Cuban foods, coffee, cocktail and ice cream.  We also serve other foods as part of the evolving melting pot of Hispanic cultures in Little Havana.  (Tons of food!) Begins at 12 pm daily.  Price $65.

Note: Establishments in Little Havana have tiny interiors. Starting around 12 pm, many tourists descend into the neighborhood including other large tours.  If you prefer fewer crowds, we recommend our Little Havana Cultural Walking & Food Tour starting at 10 am.

Price: Adults $70 | Children (5-11) $40

When: 12pm Daily

Duration & Distance: 3 Hr

Location: Futurama Galleries 1637 SW 8th Street, 33135

Little Havana Walking Tour Image 1
Little Havana Walking Tour

The Little Havana Walking Tour is the same tour as the  Little Havana Cultural Tour minus the food.  Should you choose to stay and dine on your own, your guide is more than willing to suggest which restaurants suits your food preference whether you enjoy savory meats or are vegetarian. This heritage tour begins at 10 am or 11 am daily. Please check the calendar as times vary on select dates. Price $30.

Price: Adults $35 | Children (5-11) $20

When: 10 or 11 am (Daily, please check calendar)

Duration & Distance: 2 Hr

Location: Bay of Pigs Monument
Across the street from El Nuevo Siglo supermarket
1305 SW 8th Street, Miami, 33135

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Flexible Cancellation Policy

You can cancel and get a full refund up to 48 hours prior to the tour. We do not accept cancellations by phone, they must be in writing. Email is [email protected] or text 305-814-4058.


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 Reviewed April 2, 2018

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Private Tours may be tailored to your group’s interest and may include any of the following: Finger food, hot plate meal, Hands-on cigar rolling, variety cocktails, dark rum tastings, art gallery and music tour, dance lessons (merengue or salsa).

Call or email us with your request for a quick turnaround quote.

Many platforms such as Trip Advisor, Viator, AirBnb sell our tours. For best prices and other benefits, book directly with us right here or contact our office or reservation center.