Private Tours

Starting Price

Private tours are available for small or large groups and in other languages.

About our Private, Group, or Foreign Language Tours

At Art Deco Tours & Little Havana Tours, we host small or large private group tours custom-tailored to the theme or interests of your group and move at your pace. We cater to all groups from Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses, academic group, all ladies or men’s traveling group or reunion, film producers and directors, photography groups, elementary school children…the list goes on.

Past corporate and academic clients include:

Bank of America
Harvard University
University of Miami
Volkswagen Dealerships (UK)
American Association of Neurological Surgeons


Art Deco Walking Tour with one cocktail and appetizer
Photography Tour

Cocktail Tour
Cocktail & Cigar Tour (hand roll your own cigars)
Delicioso Tour (Food Tour)
Rum Tastings Tour
Photography Tour
Arts & Music Tour

You must contact our office directly for any private, group or foreign language tours.
Rates do vary depending on season, day of week, and size of group,


  • Private Art Deco Walking Tours  |$40 per person depending on the season.
  • Private Cocktail Tour | $75 per person.
  • Private Little Havana Cultural Walking & Food Tour | $65 per person.
  • Private Little Havana Walking Tour (no food) | $30 per person.
  • Foreign Language Tour | $35 per person

Group tours vary depending on the size of group and season. Foreign language tours are an additional $5 for non-groups.

These require advance reservations normally more than 48 hours. The more in advance the better chance of securing a tour.

Best way to reach us is via email: [email protected]

Phone: 305-814-4058 Eastern Standard Time (same as New York)