Thursday, April 3, 2014

James Cubby-Tour Guide

James Cubby recalls his first love as a young boy growing up in Roanoke, Virginia-- old black and white musicals. However, little did he know his great love was around the corner. It wasn't until Cubby took an art history class in college that he learned the old theater that housed the movies was an Art Deco theater, a modern architecture style in the 1930's.

As his writing career developed, so did his quest to identify all things Art Deco around him, from buildings in the cities, to collecting vintage deco items such as blue mirror tables and dancing ladies. 

Cubby's passion for writing and the arts has culminated in an illustrious career in Miami whose work has been published in Haute Living, LRM (Lincoln Road Magazine), Las Olas Magazine, Where South Florida,  Ocean Drive, Fashion Times, Nocturno, V Magazine, ZED Magazine, Le City Deluxe, SunPost, Ego Trip Magazine, Miami Herald to name a few. He is also the author of South Beach Star, a tale of fame, glamour, drugs and destruction, published in 2011. Cubby is currently working on a new novel about a serial killer set in South Beach.

He is also the lead tour guide for Art Deco Tours, Inc. in Miami, showcasing the action-packed history and fabulous Art Deco architecture for the 100 year-young city of Miami Beach, Florida. When asked his favorite Art Deco building in the U.S., his response, "that's a hard one, perhaps the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles. It's an iconic Art Deco building that has been used in many well-known films like East of Eden." And his favorite in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach? "Incredible Henry Hohauser building at 1450 Collins Ave. Built in 1939 as Hoffman's Cafeteria, this building has gone through many transformations on the inside from the world famous nightclub - the Warsaw Ballroom and this building remains the star. It is an iconic symbol of streamline Art Deco."

Cubby's thorough knowledge and genuine love for Art Deco is evident in his tours. Take his tour and Cubby will transport you in time to the 20's, 30's, speakeasys, gambling casinos, architecture booms and economic declines, hurricanes and artistic hidden treasures.

Art Deco Tours is a boutique service offering a walking tour in the Art Deco district of South Beach, Florida led by knowledgeable and animated guides. Guests stroll along Ocean Drive and learn and appreciate the history of the pioneers that shaped the beach, the heroes and villains and the architecture that led to its boom.  Guests also get exclusive access to select hotel lobbies and rooftops to admire the décor and design of the interior and absorb the panoramic views from above. Art Deco Tours specializes in daily small group tours, no more than eight or nine guests. Private large group tours are also welcome. It began operations in 2009 and this small business is now ranked the number one walking tour in Miami Beach, per Trip Advisor. 

To make reservations for a tour, please send an email to or call 305-814-4058

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