Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Art Deco Walking Tours

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Miami Beach aka "America's Riviera" boasts a colorful past and present. More than neon or pastel colors and Miami Vice stories, Miami Beach offers an eclectic history and a  melting pot of founders, pioneers and residents. For a city known for Cuban food, Salsa dancing and rhythms, and other Caribbean influences, did you know the name "Miami" is a native American Indian word for "Big Water"? Learn about the city's origins ...

Take a Walking Tour of the South Beach Art Deco District--the first 20th century buildings to receive historic designation. Hear the story and learn about a frail, widow's fight to protect these 1930's treasures against deep-pocket developers with political ties.

Return home with more than a sun burn and sand in your shoes. Impress your friends and neighbors with an entertaining history of Miami Beach--the architecture, the role of the Miami Vice series and the influence of the fashion industry and the mafia. Or don't tell them and beat them at Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit. Did you know Miami Beach was the only city to prosper during Prohibition and the Depression? Miami vices actually galvanized the young city.

Come as a family, group of friends or on a tour. If children enjoy history and stories and are attentive, they will enjoy this tour. (Note: this tour is NOT recommended for toddlers. If you are bringing a toddler or stroller, a private tour is required. You must contact our office directly for a Private tour, by email info@artdecotours.com or phone 305-814-4058.)

We primarily walk outside throughout South Beach  between 10th and 15th streets. The tour steps inside a few buildings to point out Art Deco and modern design and decor and other highlights. For private group tours, we can begin and end anywhere within the Art Deco district.

Tour stops include the Versace mansion (the outside only), and Art Deco classics such as The Carlyle Hotel, The Tudor hotel, the 11th Street Diner and the Wolfsonian. Find out which of these buildings were backdrops for the Miami Vice scenes, and movies like the Birdcage with Robin Williams. Legend has it Capone ran his gambling syndicate from the 2nd floor of a small hotel also used in a film with Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone.


In the winter beginning November 3, times are 10am 1pm, 4pm. Sometime in May or June the 4pm tour changes to 5pm start time. 

During the summer, tours for the most part are offered at 10am and 6:00pm. We are flexible with times and if you have a special request, please send  an email. 

The Art Deco Walking and Cocktail tour begin at different locations in the heart of the Art Deco district between 5th and 14th streets in South Beach. The exact starting point will be stated on the confirmation.

*** Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and drink or bring cold bottled water! ***

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Looking forward to meeting you in Miami!

ABOUT the Founder & President, Christine Michaels
A native Floridian and a resident of Miami for 18 years, Christine holds an MBA and is a former public relations manager and spokesperson for local icon company. She is also a certified tour guide through the Miami Design Preservation League. Christine enjoys highlighting the best of Miami. From Salsa dance lessons, to eating black beans and rice and fried plantains, to bike riding to the beach in the middle of winter (a cool 75 degrees), Christine savors every sight, sound and aroma of exotic, tropical Miami!