Monday, October 21, 2013

Continue the Tour!

Who said the tour has to end!

Continue the tour, the experience, the glory and drama of South Beach or treasure a small deco gem as a keepsake with a number of COFFEE TABLE books and DVDs including the one about Cocaine Cowboys. Read below! For Art Deco posters, click here.

Amazon has the best prices and if you purchase through my links below, a small percentage goes directly to our new non profit Pawsitively Humane, Inc to help reverse the trend of homeless pets in South Beach. Thank you for supporting a special cause!

For the ideal coffee table book and souvenir to remember your trip, I highly recommend the book In the Spirit of South Beach. It's a condensed and easy read and the cover is the stunning aerial view of the Raleigh Hotel pool. Order your copy now as this book is out of print!

For the design and architecture enthusiast, Deco Delights is the first all-encompassing book covering the original Art Deco buildings, the dates and historical photos. The most recent book published on Art Deco and the best reference with over 200 photos, is South Beach Deco, Step by Step (2007). Follow up on your lesson of symmetry and other Art Deco rules. Do you remember them? If you really enjoy design and want to compare the Deco style to Mediterranean revival, and post modernism, Miami Mediterranean Splendor & Deco Dreams a hardback book, has it all and makes for an eye-catching coffee table book. For a comprehensive review of changes in art, culture, lifestyle for the past 100 years, The Style of the Century is the book to add to your repertoire. 

Miami, The Magic City-- This 500 page book is the third edition of the history of Miami leading up to the 90's. Arva Moore Parks is a Miami native, historian, preservationist and community leader. She has studied Miami and its roots for more than four decades and delivers with rich compilation of photos on every page. 

The House of Versace, The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival. 
Versace's talent and life impacted a city and and industry.   Unlock the iron gate and pent up secrets behind the walls of the famed Mediterranean mansion on Ocean Drive.

Join the action with the entire series of Miami Vice which put South Beach on the Hollywood map. Follow the dapper duo, Crockett and Tubs, as they fight the cocaine industry in their fashion heightened attire. Relive the bouncy bikinis, leggy models, heavy accents, and thriller boat rides. Storylines are historical fiction.

Wade deeper into the dark side with the documentary Cocaine Cowboys which chronicles the players and boom of the "other white powder" and it's not beach sand. The fearless leader of this $77 billion industry, Griselda Blanco, the ring leader, is considered one of the 10 most dangerous women in US History!

The cocaine wars and criminal refugees go hand in hand in the history of Miami's darkest period. Scarface is a famous movie story of a "marielito" (named for the port of Mariel, Cuba where Castro sent all of the islands prisoners and mentally ill to the US) who rose to the top of the cocaine trade. Warning: this movie is very violent.

For a more current action movie, purchase The Specialist starring Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone. Scenes of the movie were filmed at the Clay Hotel on Espanola Way.

On a lighter side, capturing the imagination of Hollywood producers, several movies were filmed in South Beach. The Bird Cage is a fictional comedy featuring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. These personas try to deceive a Congressman and his wife by covering up the fact they are gay when Williams' son announces he's marrying their daughter.

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