Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cancellation / Refund / Rain Policy

Payments are nonrefundable except during rain conditions. See below.

During the summer, statistically, rains last 20 minutes or less in South Beach. Often it will rain inland and not even touch South Beach. Therefore we require all clients to appear for the tour. In the event that it rains more than 20 minutes, clients may cancel the tour and pay any amount they feel is appropriate or ask for full refund. In the winter, it seldom rains  and showers last less than 20 minutes.

Since we specialize in small group tours and limit the number of people, the deposit is non-refundable except for:

1. an official Hurricane Watch or Hurricane Warning  (on the day of the tour) or 
2. if it downpours more than 20 minutes during the tour (you must appear for the tour)* or
3. if tour operator must cancel for other reasons

We are the only walking tour that allows you to get full refund should it rain heavily more than 20 minutes and you wish to stop the tour.