Monday, April 7, 2014

Other Specialty Tours


If you have already taken the Art Deco Walking Tour and are interested in other cultural tours, below are a few to consider.

Cocktail Tour (select dates)

The #1 South Beach cocktail tour is the ideal way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, or  corporate activity. Contact us directly for specialty groups or go to

Little Havana Cultural Tour ( daily 10:00am; contact us for other times)
This area was once the future Hollywood of the Southeast and an exclusive neighborhood. Learn how history changed its course and is home to Cuban coffee, pastelitos and more. Visit a cigar factory and watch workers roll and tip fresh cigars, see elderly men stay youthful playing Dominoes at Domino park and sample authentic Cuban bites.  Duration is 2.5 hours. PRICE - $45/person. We meet in Little Havana. Address provided at time of reservation.  Click here for more information.

Customized Tour --Other Walking Tours in South Beach
The beauty of a small boutique/concierge service is that we can customize any tour for you!
  • Mafia/ Criminal tour--Al Capone, Miami Vice, Cocaine Cowboys--it happened here!
  • An Art Deco walking tour with the addition of a cocktail stop and/or appetizers
  • Rooftop tour-- we know the hotels and can get access!
  • A bacon food tour--it's all the rage--we know the best restaurants serving bacon/pork belly
These tours should be booked well in advance. Prices vary depending on the season, length of time, number of people and type of tour.

CONTACT INFO:  or 305-814-4058