Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Most Popular Hotel in the World in Trouble

It's 1954 and this hotel, not just touted as the most famous hotel in Miami Beach, it also claims title to the most glamorous hotel in the world. The Fountainebleau Hotel was the destination for celebrities and high-end clientele. Even the James Bond film at the time, Goldfinger, was filmed at this glitzy hotel.

To regain its glory days, developer Jeffrey Soffer is struggling to pay off construction debts after a $650 million dollar renovation.

In my working past, I worked for the Soffer family at the Porto Vita condominium in Aventura. At the helm of the new Mediterranean enclave for the wealthy was father Don Soffer and his son Jeffrey Soffer. The condominium had just opened and we were planning a memorable fanfare Grand Opening to include highlights such as the US gold medal Olympic synchronized swimmers. Vision was never lacking for this real estate mogul family. But timing is everything. In the case of the Fountainbleau, many developers were caught in the real estate bust.

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