Saturday, June 4, 2011

Original 1933 French Art Deco Poster- Mistinguett Folies en Folie

If you the love Art Deco period in the 1930's along with art, design and advertising, then original beauty which makes a striking entrance at over ten feet tall will get you a standing ovation. 

Folies en Folie is an original FIRST PRINT RUN in 1933 by artist Paul Saulten.

This poster was an advertisement for Mistinguett, "The Queen of the Music Hall". Born Jeanne Bourgeois, she made her debut as Mistinguett at the Casino de Paris in 1895. Her risque routines captivated Paris and she quickly became the most popular French entertainer of her time, as well as the highest paid female entertainer in the world. In 1919, she insured her legs for the astounding amount of 500,000 francs.


 Pierre Havez, Paris "It was in this revue, 'Folies en Folies,' that Mistinguett created her most famous song, "C'est vrai" (It's true). Colette, writing a review of this in Le Matin, ends a laudatory article as follows: 'She is a national property. This year she still has this gait which reminds us of Réjane's, her pupils the color of the chicory flower, her long legs, her unimpeachable set of teeth, her cheerful smile and her sentimental expression . . .Selten . . . a regular collaborator of the Folies-Bergère . . . was given the honor of producing the poster for the show. He did a fine job. Two rows of boys shaded from grey to black surround the Miss. Three hands (two black and one grey, a skillful color scheme) try to hold her. She–frail but delighted–smiles. Her arms are covered with the usual bracelets, her famous legs (at the time insured for the price of a private house on the Champs-Elysées) are barely hidden by a veil'" (Folies-Bergère, p. 12). Against all the somber tuxedos in this two-sheet design, Mistinguett shines.

This poster is in "A" condition. It is well preserved, not framed and SIGNED by the artist.

The dimensions of this poster are unlike most advertisement posters measuring 46 1/4 " x 124" -that's slightly over 10 feet tall!

This original artwork sells for $5,000 plus $20.00 shipping in U.S. Payment is only accepted by PayPal portal. I can send you the payment link.

Appraisers value it between $5,000-$6,000.

This strikingly tall art piece makes a grand impression in your foyer, living room, or dining room or historic Art Deco hotel.  Please contact Christine if you are seriously interested in adding this Art Deco piece to your home, place of business or collection.