Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mobster Al Capone's Old Hideout for Sale

The legend and fascination of mobster King Al Capone lives on. His mafioso fingers reached into the cookie jars in Chicago, Miami Beach and other cities across the United States.

ere is a new chapter in the posthumous events surrounding his home and "activity" in the midwest.

On my top ten list of destinations to visit, Wisconsin is actually one of them. First to visit the Taliesan home built by famed US architect Frank Lloyd Wright and now the hideout of legendary mobster Al Capone. I wonder how far apart they are in terms of driving distance?

Aaah but as temperatures start dipping for the fall in Wisconsin and anything below 70 degrees leaves me shivering, I'd rather wait until next summer and take a break from the humidity.

If any of you have recommendations for hotels, good restaurants and other "must see" museums or attractions, near either tourist attraction, I await your suggestions of (just click below on "Comments" and type away. Remember your comment will not appear right away).

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