Saturday, August 1, 2009

Documentary: Cocaine Cowboys (Miami)

Griselda Blanco "The Godmother"

Every few decades while the rest of the world is suffering whether the Great Depression or Worldwide Recession of 1980, Miami was always booming due to illegal activity. In the 1980's, Miami prospered from a $77 billion cocaine industry operated in large part by the Colombians. Key players included two Americans who transported the popular drug via boat and airplanes.  This documentary recounts the ease of setting up operations in Miami due to a severe lack of police force and federal agents to track the white powder trail.



ce0d31f4-c7b7-11e1-98d3-000bcdcb2996 said...

Wow, really? I saw the movie and it's so interesting and shocking! You'd think that women are more compassionate but i guess greed and power are such powerful forces that it gets to anyone! I cant say that I'm glad she was killed because I wouldnt wish murder on anyone but knowing her history makes it tough to not be somewhat relieved. I am also surprised that she was still a target.