Monday, August 3, 2009

Art Deco Posters

Art Deco influenced more than architecture. It also played a major role in advertising. From Europe to America, from entertainment to corporate logos, Art Deco advertisements and posters have left a lasting impression in the annals of the art world.

Encapsulate the pastel colors, the symmetry, the streamline classicism with this poster of the Colony Hotel, the most photographed Art Deco building in South Beach. The accessory of this hotel is a matching Pink Cadillac. For only $20.00. Free shipping anywhere in the world for my Art Deco Tour clients.

South Beach illuminates at night from the glowing neon lights, born during Art Deco in the late 1930's. Purchase this horizontal poster for a panoramic twilight view of Ocean Drive. Measures 32" high x 68" wide for only $17.00 including shipping in U.S. and Canada. Click here to learn more.

Erté is one of the most recognizable names in Art Deco advertising. His most celebrated US piece is "Symphony in Black" featuring a tall statuesque woman in slim fitting black dress, fur wrap, black headpiece and black dog. Get this original 1978 poster, signed by the artist, that was featured in the Rizzoli Gallery of New York City. Purchase this original print for $500 plus $15 shipping within the U.S. Free shipping for my Art Deco tour clients.

For the ultimate in Art Deco, if you enjoy design and advertising, consider this original 1933 French Art Deco poster over 10 feet tall! Imagine the impression upon guests when greeted by this art work in your foyer, living room or dining room. Notice the symmetry! Estimated appraiser's value is $5,000-$6,000. Selling here for $4,500. Plus shipping within US. (Feel free to have a notable appraiser review it). Click on the link above to learn about the famous Mistinguett.

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