Sunday, August 10, 2008

About Christine Michaels

Born and raised in Titusville, Florida, Christine Michaels has lived in Miami, Florida since 1997. With an MBA degree specializing in Marketing and Public Relations, Christine's career spans several industries from healthcare, to the luxury market, to non-profit associations to retail chains. While her marketing career rides like a  roller coaster with ups and downs due to corporate layoffs, Christine has leveraged her marketing and PR skills to buoy her afloat in the recessionary economy. Her survival instincts safely lead Christine to follow common sense as she turned to her passion of showcasing her city and thus began her small business.

In a recent press release Christine admits "The income does not compare with a corporate salary. But I would rather have security and quality of life. Now I have both."

A friend, colleague and fellow certified tour guide, Alexandra Bassil, introduced Christine to the history of Miami Beach. "When I took Alex's tour, I said 'Wow! That was fascinating. Who knew Miami's history and architecture was so entertaining and not your typical encyclopedic entry.'" Christine continues researching less-known history about Miami and Florida for fresh content and to evolve her tour business.

Christine never stops. When not offering tours, Christine is the author of  a blog highlighting activities and restaurants throughout her home state of Florida with a focus on Miami.  She invites you to explore her blog  or the cities in Florida.

More importantly Christine holds a steadfast belief in giving back to the community.  Christine continues to give back by volunteering her time and skills to various non-profits and helping the homeless, children with disabilities, and her church.  Grateful for her growing small business, Christine has stumbled upon a little known cause that is desperate for attention--click here for more. She is nominated for numerous social media awards related to animal welfare, making her city a better place.

Welcome to America's Riviera!