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#1 Walking Tour & Cocktail Tour in Miami Beach 

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Enrich your visit to South Beach with a fun, cultural walking tour of the famed Art Deco district. Popular tour guides will transport you to the 20's, 30's...80's and beyond and regale you with fascinating stories. Uncover the action-packed history, learn about Art Deco architecture and admire stunning design and decor on the inside; hear fascinating accounts about pioneers, heroes and criminal elements that developed this magic city. Get exclusive access to buildings and rooftops not permitted to other groups. Feel like a VIP in our small group setting (no more than 6-7 people). Private and foreign language tours also available for that personal experience.

Your guide will keep you engaged with lively conversation and trivia! Kids and teenagers love the tour. Tours are offered several times a day. (We also offer tours for large group requests and we provide more than one tour guide to split up the group for ease of moving along).

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Many movies are filmed in South Beach


Miami Art Deco Walking Tours Daily
Daily 10am, 1pm and  4pm*

Quieter- 10am and 1pm weekdays
recommended for families with children

*The 4pm tour on weekends/holidays will have more traffic, crowds outside, louder music streaming from bars on Ocean Drive

DURATION: 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes
PRICE: $30 per person

AVAILABILITY OF Miami Cocktail Tour 2.5 hours
Thursdays through Sundays 4:00pm
Please email us with request for other dates or if you have a party of 3 or more.

DURATION: 3 hours
PRICE:  $60 per person

AVAILABILITY OF The Miami Little Havana Walking Tour
Daily at 10:30am --includes delicious Cuban food for that authentic experience!

DURATION: 3 hours
Price:  $40 per person

*** Feel free to email/text/call us directly to inquire for availability any other day ***

--OR --
For expedited reservations, 
CLICK HERE to view full calendar & buy TICKETS via ZERVE. 

   Non ENGLISH Language TOUR (French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German)
   GROUP TOURS (large group, corporate, special activity)

...Please contact us directly. Email or text is best. or 305-814-4058.  Be sure to state the number of people (adults and if any children) and a contact phone number if you are in the U.S. or Canada. Also please advise if you have an infant/toddler, a baby stroller or wheelchair as these require a private tour for separate route and other access.

*** Please know we do NOT begin at the Art Deco Welcome Center. We have several starting points within the Art Deco District around 10th street. The meeting point (an Art Deco Hotel) is provided at the time of reservation***

For pricing, click here

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Anticipate heavy traffic after 12pm on Fridays-Sundays. Also many city parking garages are full after 3pm so allot additional 45 minutes to your drive time and to locate other parking (ie. street parking, private lots)
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Have you ever traveled to a city and taken a large group tour or small private tour? Which was better? Sure, everyone loves the VIP Treatment--personal, undivided attention, catering to your interest, pace and questions and a memorable visit.  Tours available in English,  Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch.  We're open 7 days a week including most holidays!

This two-hour tour is available for just $30/person including taxes ($35/person for tours in non -English language) (For group tours of 20 or more people, please contact Art Deco Tours for special rates starting at $22). 

For a PRIVATE TOUR, to focus on your specific interests or combination (history, architecture, design, etc) the rate is minimum $40/person or more depending on the day of the week and season. Please contact us for private tour rates.

To inquire about reservations, please contact us at or text at 305-814-4058. Email or text work best as we're often giving tours.

To learn more about the Miami Art Deco Walking Tours, click here

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Art Deco Walking Tours

Miami Beach aka "America's Riviera" boasts a colorful past and present. More than neon or pastel colors and Miami Vice stories, Miami Beach offers an eclectic history and a  melting pot of founders, pioneers and residents. For a city known for Cuban food, Salsa dancing and rhythms, and other Caribbean influences, did you know the name "Miami" is a native American Indian word for "Big Water"? Learn about the city's origins ...

Take a Walking Tour of the South Beach Art Deco District--the first 20th century buildings to receive historic designation. Hear the story and learn about a frail, widow's fight to protect these 1930's treasures against deep-pocket developers with political ties.

Return home with more than a sun burn and sand in your shoes. Impress your friends and neighbors with an entertaining history of Miami Beach--the architecture, the role of the Miami Vice series and the influence of the fashion industry and the mafia. Or don't tell them and beat them at Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit. Did you know Miami Beach was the only city to prosper during Prohibition and the Depression? Miami vices actually galvanized the young city.

Come as a family, group of friends or on a tour, C&C can tell a tale to keep your child's attention, or speak architect-ease for scholarly tours. There's something for everyone.

We primarily walk outside throughout South Beach  between 10th and 15th streets. The tour steps inside a few buildings to point out Art Deco and modern design and decor and other highlights. For private group tours, we can begin and end anywhere within the Art Deco district.

Tour stops include the Versace mansion (the outside only), and Art Deco classics such as The Carlyle Hotel, The Tudor hotel, the 11th Street Diner and the Wolfsonian. Find out which of these buildings were backdrops for the Miami Vice scenes, and movies like the Birdcage with Robin Williams. Legend has it Capone ran his gambling syndicate from the 2nd floor of a small hotel also used in a film with Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone.


In the winter beginning November 3, times are 10am, 1pm and 4pm. From March 10  (when Daylight Savings ends in U.S.), the times are 10am, 1pm and 5pm. 

During the summer, tours for the most part are offered at 10am and 6:00pm. We are flexible with times and if you have a special request, please send  an email. 

While we have several starting points, the principal starting point is the lobby of the Astor Hotel at 956 Washington Avenue at the corner of 10th street and Washington Avenue in South Beach. Your starting point will be confirmed in the confirmation email. 

*** Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and drink or bring cold bottled water! ***

Christine and company are passionate about a little known cause and working hard to give back and make a difference! Click here to learn more.

Looking forward to meeting you in Miami!

ABOUT the Founder & President, Christine Michaels
A native Floridian and a resident of Miami for 17 years, Christine holds an MBA and is a former public relations manager and spokesperson for local icon company. She is also a certified tour guide through the Miami Design Preservation League. Christine enjoys highlighting the best of Miami. From Salsa dance lessons, to eating black beans and rice and fried plantains, to bike riding to the beach in the middle of winter (a cool 75 degrees), Christine savors every sight, sound and aroma of exotic, tropical Miami!

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Why Take the Miami Art Deco Walking Tour?

It's your trip, and this is your tour! There are many benefits to having your own personal tour guide:

1. Value. ADT offers the best value for a two hour plus tour with many value-added features.

      - More access to buildings and locations than any other tour
      - Exclusivity
      - Memorable souvenir
      - A tour guide/concierge/personal friend all in one

2.  VIP TREATMENT! This is a small group tour with personal attention (maximum 6 people) where you can freely talk with the guide and ask any questions and get exclusive access to select Art Deco buildings not permitted to other groups. (Private tours also available, please contact us directly).

3. Options. You're not limited to one time frame as offered by large group tours. Miami Art Deco tours is  a boutique tour service that offers the walking tours more than once a day. 10am, 1pm and 5pm.

4. Something for everyone. Whether you enjoy history, architecture and design or have kids with short attention spans, ADT guides are versatile, engaging and keep your attention throughout the duration. Teenagers and young adults love the tour. 

5. Be in all the photos! No matter the size of your group, ADT is ready to act as photographer so everyone is in the picture!

6. Memorable souvenir. A popular benefit is the "tour after the tour". ADT will email you the highlights of the tour with photos so you don't forget those fascinating details and all the stops with dates, years and more! 

7. Your own concierge! Book a tour and your guide will go beyond and answer any questions about restaurants, other activities and so much more.

8. Feel good to support a small business and philanthropists! ADT is proud to provide jobs during the recession and survive against bigger competitors.  We love our job and want to continue highlighting our backyard beyond the beaches. In addition our team is fully engaged in the community and gives back by volunteering our time and talent from mentoring children, to helping the homeless and animal welfare.

By the end of the tour, you'll enjoy the full flavor of Miami Beach, it's colorful history and beautiful architecture. 

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Other Specialty Tours


If you have already taken the Art Deco Walking Tour and are interested in other cultural tours, below are a few to consider.

Cocktail Tour (select dates)

The #1 South Beach cocktail tour is the ideal way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, or  corporate activity. Contact us directly for specialty groups or go to

Little Havana ( daily 10:30am; contact us for other times)
This area was once the future Hollywood of the Southeast and an exclusive neighborhood. Learn how history changed its course and is home to Cuban coffee, pastelitos and more. Visit a cigar factory and watch workers roll and tip fresh cigars, see elderly men stay youthful playing Dominoes at Domino park and sample authentic Cuban bites.  Duration is 2.5 hours. PRICE - $40/person. We meet in Little Havana. Address provided at time of reservation.  Click here for more information.

Customized Tour --Other Walking Tours in South Beach
The beauty of a small boutique/concierge service is that we can customize any tour for you!
  • Mafia/ Criminal tour--Al Capone, Miami Vice, Cocaine Cowboys--it happened here!
  • An Art Deco walking tour with the addition of a cocktail stop and/or appetizers
  • Rooftop tour-- we know the hotels and can get access!
  • A bacon food tour--it's all the rage--we know the best restaurants serving bacon/pork belly
These tours should be booked well in advance. Prices vary depending on the season, length of time, number of people and type of tour.

CONTACT INFO:  or 305-814-4058

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cancellation / Refund / Rain Policy

Payments are nonrefundable except during rain conditions. See below.

During the summer, statistically, rains last 20 minutes or less in South Beach. Often it will rain inland and not even touch South Beach. Therefore we require all clients to appear for the tour. In the event that it rains more than 20 minutes, clients may cancel the tour and pay any amount they feel is appropriate or ask for full refund. In the winter, it seldom rains  and showers last less than 20 minutes.

Since we specialize in small group tours and limit the number of people, the deposit is non-refundable except for:

1. an official Hurricane Watch or Hurricane Warning  (on the day of the tour) or 
2. if it downpours more than 20 minutes during the tour (you must appear for the tour)* or
3. if tour operator must cancel for other reasons

We are the only walking tour that allows you to get full refund should it rain heavily more than 20 minutes and you wish to stop the tour.